Wednesday 24 July 2013

Victories at Sea | Dive

I'm not entirely sure what but there's definitely something in Birmingham's waters lately as yet another promising new band emerges on to the circuit. Victories at Sea provide an enticingly refreshing outlook on the standardised Indie Popsters that are flying at us left, right and centre from the city. With brooding guitars shadowed by hauntingly dark percussion they prove to be a stark contrast to the crystallised pop we're used to hearing from the current Midlands scene.

Their EP 'In Memory Of' is of equal calibre especially on tracks such as No Escape with wave upon wave of crashing guitars and soaring vocals all coming together in a climatic finish. Victories at Sea are definitely not for the fainthearted.

You can pick up the EP now released via Static Caravan Records, available to buy on iTunes as well as CD at Rough Trade, Piccadilly Records and all other independent shops. The band will go on to headline Birthdays in Dalston, London on Tuesday 30 July with a full UK tour to follow in September.


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