Tuesday 13 August 2013

Model Aeroplanes | Crazy

Contending for the title of 'funnest track of the year' Dundee's Model Aeroplanes showcase their fully fledged carnival vibe on latest single Crazy. Having played in various projects over the years lifelong friends Rory, 17 (Vocals, Guitar), Grant, 17 (Guitar), Ben, 18 (Bass) and Kieran, 18 (Drums) finally settled on the Model Aeroplanes moniker earlier this year, and my, are we glad they did.
Their new track is an energising, fun packed anthem, dripping with an elegant display of desire and aspiration, their youthful vigour its prominent feature. Expect saporous vocals that repartee in a carefree manner paving their way to an amalgam of tight basslines and percussion. With delightfully layered guitars adding a jollification to its summer-inspired charm the new single hits with an almighty bang.

 A stellar effort, one of which I can only hope there's more of.

Crazy will be released digitally on 16th September 2013 with an autumn UK tour set to follow.


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