Tuesday 3 September 2013

Album Review: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin | Fly By Wire

01. Harrison Ford   02. Young Presidents   03. Cover All Sides   04. Lucky Young   05. Ms. Dot 
06. Loretta   07. Unearth   08. Bright Leaves   09. Nightwater Girlfriend   10. Fly By Wire

Naming your band after the first President of the Russian Federation must have been pretty comical at the time, I guess none of the Missouri-based trio would ever expect it would have them travelling 5000 miles to the Boris Yeltsin Foundation in Russia to meet close friends of Yeltsin. From this amazing and eye opening journey the band returned to the very same attic in which they recorded their debut record with fresh inspiration and a brand new vision. "I used to joke that we would break up if Boris Yelstin ever found out about out band so I figured this was either the death or rebirth of the band" says multi-instrumentalist/lead singer Phillip Dickey. Thankfully for us it was to be the re-birth as the band have gone on to produce one of their finest recordings to date. Under no pressure from labels to get to work on a new album the band decided to anyway for the love of music and in this relaxed environment have managed to mould their sound in to an all loving, incredibly fun album.

Opening with the joyous playful nature in Harrison Ford the band craft dreamy, soul driven guitars built high upon luscious melodies and gesticulate drums. With distinct softly sung vocals we're quickly thrown in to Young Presidents. Another track beautifully demonstrating how fun this album is. With our summer shortly coming to an end here in the UK we can be sure to cling on to every last day with the sunshine this record emits. Whilst tracks like Cover All Sides and Ms. Dot provide the more sombre moments on the album they're still worthy in their own right with a blossoming nature providing ardent passion reflecting the reasons why we've grown to love SSLYBY. Full of gentle piano and breezily strummed guitars we're presented with a much more sentimental side to the band, even if the lyrics do become a little morbid "Put a hammer in his head, I'll make him bleed".

Channelling their super-fascinated sound throughout the whole record 'Fly By Wire' becomes a roller coaster ride. With plenty of ups and Downs (the downs not being low points, rather moments to catch your breath) the sincerity laid bare before us is such a wonderful sight. With a much bigger and larger than life sound, extravagantly expressive, SSLYBY return with a killer effort.

As Nightwater Girlfriend brings the pace back once again through a backdrop of grungey guitars fused with upbeat Indie-Pop rhythms, I challenge anyone to not want to get up and dance before it fades out on a sentimental bout of living for the moment "Nightwater girlfriend, Getting high in the backseat, Never change, never let them win, Don't turn your power on me" aches Dickey.  Eased in to the final title track song Fly By Wire we are left with a strong feeling of content as the band demonstrate once more their unique diversity. Delicate and wholeheartedly tender it acts as the perfect goodbye sign-off for a fantastic return. This is still the Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin we know just a lot more dreamier and quite frankly all-together.

Fly By Wire is available to Pre-Order here due out September 17th via Polyvinyl.



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