Tuesday 17 September 2013

Blaenavon | KOSO EP

As the release date looms ever closer for Blaenavon's KOSO EP the band finally treat us to its full length stream. Opening with a quietsome guitar and gentle rolling percussion I don't think anyone is quite prepared for what lays ahead as Gods unfolds around sombre lyrics before exploding in to a relentless divulsion. It's so easy to forget these guys are just 16/17 years old as they demonstrate a profound talent that runs deep through their music. Whilst Wunderkind brings a sentimental touch to the EP through its sleek guitar playing it's my favourite Prague that brings the pace back up once more with audacious guitars forming a desolating backdrop to strident percussion.

As the EP rounds up on Lost In Paris we get an all around sense of clarity left feeling content that the Hampshire trio sure know a thing or two about conjuring up such blissful yet equally devastating melodies. Through a soaring complexion of teenage romanticism and venerability Blaenavon put forward an emotively compelling EP. Something I know I'll be playing for a very long time to come. Bring on the full length album I say.

Oct, 26 Brighton Sticky Mike's Frog Bar
Oct, 29 London Trinity Centre (Launch)
Oct, 30 Manchester Trof Fallowfield
Oct, 31 Glasgow Broadcast
Nov, 1 Sheffield The Great Gatsby
Nov, 2 Birmingham The Sunflower Lounge

You can Pre-Order the KOSO EP right here. Due out September 23rd.


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