Friday 13 September 2013

George Ezra | Budapest

For some reason or other my car CD player never seems to work when I want it to. This usually means having to listen to the drivel that is Local/National radio whilst I journey around. The joys. This time was a little different though. Flicking through the stations I caught none other than George Ezra's latest single being played (at a non ungodly hour) to much surprise. After winning me over with his YouTube videos his distinct voice becomes instantly recognisable so I was over the moon to see, or rather hear, Ezra getting the recognition he so rightly deserves. Being centred around a delectably plucked guitar his warming vocals wrap their textures around you capturing your heart and soul making Budapest his funnest single to date. I dare you try to hit play only once.

You can download Budapest right now for absolutely nothing (well, an email address if you want to be pedantic) by heading over to Georges swanky website. You can catch him out on the road this Autumn with full dates listed here.


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