Thursday 5 September 2013

R.Seiliog | Ostisho

In an experimental haze of electronic folk rises Cardiff musician/producer R.Seiliog. His stargazed compositions make for an intricate listen as he forges an ethereal approach to recording as the layers of spacey psychedelia melt in to one another. Ostisho is no different either as waves upon waves of glistening melodies and noise come hurtling towards you. Check it out above.

Ostisho is taken from the brand-new mini-album 'Doppler' released via Turnstile on 30th September.
R.Seiliog will be playing live at the coming dates:

14 September - Festival No.6 - Portmeirion, N Wales
17-20 October – Swn Festival, Cardiff
27 November - Bush Hall, London (supporting Cate Le Bon)
30 October - Gwdihw, Cardiff


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