Friday 10 January 2014

Duke Dumont feat. Jax Jones | I Got U

I definitely can't drink like I used to. It's not so much the hangovers either, more the spiralling depression I get after a heavy night out. I guess the Great British weather we've been having lately doesn't help either. Going through one of the above spells I took for a drive with some friends and decided to put the radio on at the exact time Duke Dumont's latest single was playing and realised how much of an instant mood changer it is. It might not even be mid January yet but I Got U is dripping in summer time vibes. Playing Annie Mac's radio rip to death you can now stream the full release above. And with an album due on its way, 2014 is already looking to heat up. You can Pre-Order the single here which is due for release March 16th.


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