Monday 20 January 2014

Keep Shelly in Athens | Old Time Glory

It's always sad to hear news of your favourite band's parting ways. Especially so when that news is concerning Keep Shelly in Athens and the departure of singer Sarah P. Having been an integral part of the duo's ethereal and glistening crystallised Synth-Pop image since 2010 it was always going to be sad news to take. Thankfully Keep Shelly In Athens will continue to make music with a new singer as they prepare for a new album to be announced this year whilst Sarah P focuses on other projects, so maybe we'll get the best of both worlds from this. As a fitting homage to Sarah P's exit the Greece-based group have shared a previous unreleased track, Old Time Glory, which you can listen/download for free above.

The debut album 'At Home' is available now via Cascine. You can order it at the following link.


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