Monday 3 February 2014

Radstewart | Insane Parties

I'll always remember the very first time I heard Insane Parties. Both me and my friend laughing at the most amazing and truth bearing lyric to ever get penned as we caught the Cardiff foursome play their hometown a year or so back. Whilst "If you go out and get drunk in a native American headdress, then you’re c*nt" won't win them many plays on daytime radio, Radstewart sure as hell know how to combine frank hilarity with their combustive garage-esque sound in fine detail. As their awkward allurement continues to draw us in the band's DIY delivery of jangly brash guitars excels once more as they ready the release of their new EP.

Insane Parties is taken from the forthcoming 'Wiccans and Beatlemancers' EP on Alcopop! Records.


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