Monday 3 February 2014

Secret Company | Saviour

When Secret Company first came on to my radar way back in 2012 with a demo of this very same track I knew they were on to something good. Sadly nothing else seemed to materialise and they soon became lost amongst the hundreds of songs I've posted about since. Good news for us (and you) though is they're back and looking to pick up exactly where they left off. With Saviours re-recorded and sounding even more euphoric than before the Essex four-piece look set to make big waves in 2014. With thunderous percussion and aspirant vocals soaring high above stuttering synths comes a spellbinding single that creates the kind of drive most energetic Indie-Pop songs lack. Front man Scott Revell describes the song as "people in your life that you can depend on." "Although we've learned there's no magic saviour as such, there's people who help you get through all the hard stuff. We're hoping it can be interpreted however works best for anybody listening."

Secret Company are: Scott Revell, James Patman, Kushal Gupta, Tim Reyland


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