Wednesday 26 March 2014

Aquilo | Part Of Your Life

It's scary how much we rely on the Internet nowadays. With BT running amok here the past few weeks it's felt like my life's been at a standstill. No YouTube. No social media. Nothing. Having waited 10 minutes for my email inbox to finally load on its dodgy connection I was excited to see a new track by our favourites Aquilo. Not so excited by the prospect of having to wait nearly 30 minutes for it to load, although something I can confirm was most certainly worth sticking around for. Returning with another track from their forthcoming EP the Silverdale duo manage to once more capture their picturesque surroundings in stunning detail as they blend ambient electronics with luscious vocal harmonies. More synth heavy than their previous effort Part Of Your Life shows a newer diverse side to Ben and Tom, something we can only look forward to hearing more of from their EP. You can Pre-Order it now here.


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