Wednesday 19 March 2014

Ben Khan | Youth

I always knew Ben Khan had it going on but WOW, I'm totally awestruck as he returns with quite possibly his best effort yet. Dripping in to my system with his Prince-esque basslines and jazzy synth stabs back at the tail end of 2013 Khan brought a whole new vision to the darkened sub-culture of funking RnB and now he looks set to do it all over again, this time without the shadow of mystery. Taking a giant leap in to the light of day dragging his euphoric blend of personified Pop with him Youth looks set to solidify his sound as one of the most exciting things to happen in 2014 as he prepares the release of debut EP '1992'. It also looks likely Drive (Part 1), Eden and Savage will get remastered and feature alongside. Oh momma. You can grab it from May 5th via his own imprint Blessed Vice via Dirty Hit.


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