Monday 31 March 2014

Fickle Friends | PLAY

With a debut that single-handedly brought the blog scene to a standstill through the mass frenzy that ensued the release of Swim back in Jan Brighton's Fickle Friends return with their latest offering, and would you believe, they're far FAR from one hit wonders. Sticking with their tried and tested formula the five-piece continue where they left off looking to send an adrenalin injected boost to your misanthropic Monday (even if that does contradict the song's lyrical content) with scintillating synths set to raise more than just a heartbeat. Through a shift in musical direction Play feels a lot more immediate as jittering guitars and driving synth melodies come together to form its perfect Pop complexion. They really have hit the nail on the head!

"We chose PLAY as lyrically it's kind of a follow on from SWIM. We also wanted to release something that contrasted with our first single musically" adds lead vocalist Natti Shiner. "It's a little more fragile in parts, but also a bit more…. playful."  "PLAY is about seeing someone who’s losing their passion. It's a continuation of the characters from SWIM. She’s getting nostalgic as he becomes less interested in everything."

Play is available to buy now from iTunes released through Killing Moon Records.

Live dates
April 09 - The Shacklewell Arms (London) (buy tickets
April 19 - Springtide Festival (Gosport) 
April 25 - The Boileroom (Guildford) 
April 26 - Jailhouse (Hereford)  

May 01 - Sixty Million Postcards (Bournemouth) 
May 02 - Kazimier, Liverpool Sound City (Liverpool) 
May 03 - Wardrobe, Live at Leeds (Leeds) 
May 04 - City Sound Project (Canterbury) 
May 09 - The Great Escape - The Green Door Store (Brighton)  

June 20 - Lainfest (Atherstone)


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