Thursday 27 March 2014

Gallant | Jupiter Grayscale (Prod. Maths Time Joy)

It doesn't take a genius to conclude Gallant's latest single will be doing all sorts of crazy things to the blogosphere right about now. Teaming up with UK producer Maths Time Joy for his latest effort the LA resident concocts a steamy dish of silk smooth vocals backed with a sensual RnB groove. Borrowing influence from all corners of the electronic spectrum there really doesn't seem to be any limits holding him back as he lets loose another sure fire hit putting his stunning falsetto to work. Gallant had the following to say ahead of its release: "I guess when you make a ton of sacrifices for someone-- give what you thought was everything-- it can take a lot to look back and admit that you were the one who pulled everything apart. I was selfish, I was big-headed, I was insincere and I apologized way too late. The artwork represents the type of situation that leads to these realizations… when you look around and see nothing but blissful unconditional joy and it hits you that you can’t really relate". Take a listen above. 


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