Tuesday 4 March 2014

Great Good Fine OK | Not Going Home

Brooklyn seems to be doing wonderful things with electronic music as of late (Skyes, Ang Low, MINKS). Another fine artist duo to add to their list of great exports are none other than Great Good Fine OK as they bring back the sunshine vibes to our rather wet and miserable Spring. Following on from their single You're The One For Me released last year the pair step things up with swirling synth notes rising to dizzying heights before swooning vocals add an aspirant edge to their vibrant sound. With candy-flossed rhythms and sickly sweet choruses Not Going Home is a sugar rush from start to finish, one you don't have to feel guilty from indulging in. Check it for yourselves above where you can download it for free.

When asked about their music, Great Good Fine OK had to say "'You're the One for Me' was written in a really organic, exciting way, inspired by time and the intensity and vulnerability of life and love.  We had absolutely no expectations. We've been totally humbled and honoured by the love we've received from people all over the world.  'Not Going Home' was written in a similar way. This time about not taking chances on being happy and living your dreams. You've got to fight for it. This song means a whole lot to us and we couldn't be more excited to share it!"


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