Monday 24 March 2014

IYES | Breathe

It feels like a lifetime since I last posted about Electronic-Pop duo IYES with their single 'Til Infinity. I often wondered when they'd make a return with another synth heavy jam for us to sink our teeth in to, and thankfully, that time's now as they share their second single Breathe. With Josh Christopher and Melis Soyaslanová sharing vocal duties once more the pair manage to craft another dignified blend of swirling sky high Synth-Pop. As the track evolves over its almost 4 minute duration you get a true sense of their advancement in talent as they continue to push the boundaries of modern day music, right before the chorus drops and an elegant explosion of uplifting melodies add further elements to the already dynamic masterpiece.

"Breathe is our sexiest song," says Josh, relating to its inspiration from promiscuous images of naked ladies and snakes. "We wrote it with an image in mind of a naked lady, in a jungle, with a snake wrapped around her. The beat came first – we wanted a tribal sound featuring lots of percussive elements. Melis’ voice is often quiet and cute. It’s always beautiful, but I thought it would be great to get some sass out of her. Hence the no clothes and the python idea." Breathe will be released via Duly Noted Records on 5 May 2014.

Live Dates
16 April, Gold Dust, Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen


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