Monday 31 March 2014

The Darlingtons | Rotations

At some point in time you'll come to realise not everything's all fluffy bunnies and sunshine. Where ice cream doesn't make everything better and your candy-coated reality has been anything but a dream. It's an image representative of the real Great Britain, and let me tell you, it's not a pretty picture. Thankfully The Darlingtons look set to get us on the striaght and narrow as they bring us careening back to Earth through their raw and obliterating sound with the release of new single Rotations.

Breaking free from the monotonous bubblegum Pop that's plaguing our charts the Sheffield four-piece throw everything they've got in to creating 4 minutes of pure euphoria, all fuelled on angst and adrenalin as waves upon waves of rising guitars and percussion crash down around Kiran Roy's vocal croon. As it reaches its climatic close the band truly come to life as Roy's broody vocals meet exhilarating guitars sending catastrophising shivers down your spine before fading out on the falsetto backing cries and relentless echo of  "build me up, break me down and pray for the rain again". You can stream the official video below. 

Rotations is available digitally from iTunes here or in physical form from the band's web-store here.


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