Monday 21 April 2014

Bambi | Sheltered Eyes

So why does no one tell you sunburn is this painful? Oh wait, they do. Damn. Oh well at least I get to round my Easter Weekend off on a high (even if my face and neck resemble a tomato) with a brand new track from London five-piece Bambi. Mixing Euphoric guitar sections with jangly melodies the quintet manage to create an immediate flurry of feel good emotion as percussive drives and floaty vocals race by at lightening speed. Saving everything they've got for one final blast of exhilaration the band throw everything they've got in to creating a delightful crescendo as the accumulation of jaunty basslines and cut-throat rhythms come in to fruitful life. You can download the track above for free right now! (sourced via When The Gramophone Rings).


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