Tuesday 1 April 2014

Farewell J.R | Skin Pieces

If you're in an incredibly happy place right now then I should probably warn you before you hit play on Farewell J.R's latest single Skin Pieces. That is unless you want a repeat of that scene from Father Ted where the priest thinks he's cured of depression and then Radiohead's Exit Music plays on his journey home only to take him right back to where he was before (mentally). Back on topic though, the Cambridge based artist returns following his endearing Health EP last year with another slow burning masterpiece. As fluttering string sections bring a new edge to his recordings its the reflective vocals and heart wrenching crescendos that truly hit you when you least expect, creating the kind of unfrequented and remote soundscapes he's become so well known for. It might not be the happiest song you listen to this week that's for sure but my does it evoke the emotion most of today's modern music lacks. Take a listen above.

Skin Pieces is taken from forthcoming EP 'And Still' which shall be released April 21st via Talking Shop Records. Pre-order: iTunes - CD -


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