Wednesday 16 April 2014

How To Dress Well | Repeat Pleasure

It always feels weird sharing a song that's already peaked having done the blog rounds, yet we're not one's to shy away from sharing music we love so here's How To Dress Well's Repeat Pleasure. Even if it is 15 days old. FIFTEEN DAYS MIND. Shoot me down. At least I'm still way off with the album that's due to hit stores June 23rd though right? After wowing critics with his first two records consecutively, Tom Krell returns with another fresh cut of forward leaning grooves backed with his silk smooth vocal alignment. It's clear to see the production levels have most certainly ramped up since his last outing as expansive multi-instrumentation replaces the more ambient numbers we're so used to hearing from Krell. If this is his stab at reaching in to the sensual world of Pop it's most certainly a welcomed one.

Pre-Order the album 'What Is This Heart?' and you'll receive an instant mp3 download of ‘Repeat Pleasure’ and ‘Words I Don’t Remember', how kind.


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