Tuesday 8 April 2014

Jospeh | Swim Darker

Good music should be timeless. It really doesn't matter how late you pick up on something, it should still sound as fresh as the day it was made. And thankfully, that's just so the case with the rather mysterious Joseph. As music blogging becomes all about the immediate and 'exclusive' culture it's hard to keep on top with many songs unfortunately slipping by unnoticed. Luckily this wasn't to become another lost in the abyss of new music. With nods towards Bipolar Sunshine, through reflective swells of endearment his debut drives forward on a hotbed of soulful emotion. Making blissful use of the space within it doesn't take long for the calm and brooding nature to unfurl in to an earth shattering climax as Joseph's velveteen vocals and hair raising percussion meet in a head on crescendo. Take a listen to the expanding, mind-state altering single above. With appetites whet we really can't wait to hear more!


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