Saturday 5 April 2014

Live Review: Coasts + Liberto Wolf @ The Louisiana, Bristol 03/04/2014

When you go see a band called Coasts I'm sure you'd half expect to be sipping cocktails on a beach, bathing in the sun, it's just a shame we live in Britain where this is rarely a reality, and as you'd imagine the weather certainly wasn't playing games this eve with the heavens showing no sign of letting up. Having missed the Bristol five-piece on two consecutive tours I really couldn't pass up another opportunity so decided to brave the elements anyway (pink umbrella in tow, sadly the manliest one I could find) and made my way down to The Louisiana. That wasn't before having to contend with a nail in my car tyre, forgetting my ear plugs, missing the train and turning up to find out I wasn't actually on the guest list, surely a lifetimes worth of bad Karma in a day? Thankfully I was allowed in with minimal fuss and made my way to the front in time to catch Liberto Wolf, this evenings support.

Now you'd think having run a music blog for 3 years I'd have heard every band worth hearing and shouting about. But that's the thing with new music, it's endless, and no matter how hard you try you'll never succeed. Liberto Wolf are precisely one of them bands. Having only been around for a short period of time their music told a very different story as fully fledged, elevated guitars came slicing over the crowd. Opening with a sprawled simplistically built intro out of nowhere the band delivered a thrashing of Post-Rock inspired melodies, guitars and percussion crunching together with in an almighty force. With frantic basslines and a charismatic charm oozing from their glittering break-neck rhythms they'll have most certainly earned some new fans here (myself included). Let's hope it's not long before they get some more material online.

I've been going to gigs in Bristol for as long as I can remember but this was my very first visit to The Louisiana. It's gift shop aroma, low ceilings and cave-like qualities all adding to the bustling atmosphere upstairs in the sold old venue for Coasts' hometown show. With instruments set up, not forgetting the finishing touch, one single palm tree adorning the starkly appearing backdrop, the band made their way on to the stage. Not for the faint hearted these guys sure know how to put on a show where the words 'low energy' cease to exist in their vocab. Kicking off with Wallow they weren't going to ease the crowd gently as powering basslines and piercing guitars combined to form a force to be reckoned with. Premiering a new song, Let Go, the band showcased their most party anthemic track yet, crossing the boundaries of Indie and Disco in the most seamless of ways. Having released a stream of EP's and singles it's great news to hear them announce they've finished the album, something that's been a very long time coming, and judging by the news songs this evening they've most certainly upped their game. By the time Stay comes around there's no encouragement needed as the crowd chant its anthemic chorus, just about audible over the soaring instrumentation bellowing from the speakers. As lead singer Chris Caines bangs on the celling, enticing the audience to clap along, the band continue to melt songs in to one another as the definitive party vibe reaches breaking point. Who's to complain though when the band's concoction of tropically infused rhythms move in the most energetic of ways.

Looking to show a more diverse side to their sound they play through another new track entitled Golden City, displaying a refined maturity as the pace calms through slow burning guitars and simmering vocals. No ones going to argue that most of their songs sound pretty similar, they've got a formula that works and they're sure as hell sticking to it, but it's tracks like this that show a new dynamic that we've yet to hear much of. That being said, it doesn't take long for the band to pick up the pace once more as they deliver punchy and vibrant riffs like nobodies business. They really have it all. Even comedic value when someone from the back shouts "are you on Tinder?" aimed at Caines. Piquing interest from the offset Coasts managed to raise the already sweaty temperature to an sweltering high, keeping it bubbling throughout as choruses soared and jangly guitars ripped throughout the room with the utmost of urgency. It's easy to see why they've picked up so much attention over the months but it's these live shows where they truly come in to their own leaving you no room to breath as they drive forward in their aim to cram as many fun fuelled anthems in to their set as possible. If you get a chance to see them live, don't be an idiot like me and wait so long!

The band continue their tour at the following dates below.

Saturday 5th – La Maroquinerie, Paris 
Sunday 6th – La Peniche, Lille 
Wednesday 9th – Tivoli, Utrecht 
Thursday 10th – Hedon, Zwolle 
Friday 11th – Asteriks, Leeuwarden 
Saturday 12th 0 Supermarkt, The Hague 
Sunday 13th – W2, Den Bosch 
Tuesday 15th – Kulturhaus 73, Hamburg
Wednesday 16th – MONARCH, Berlin


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