Wednesday 9 April 2014

Manou | Loving You

Following her debut appearance last year with Sadie 17-year old Sophia Manou, otherwise known as just Manou returns with her latest single Loving You. Don't let its name fool you though, this is far from your head-over-heels devotion of affectionate longing. "My first track Sadie was about my friend looking for love" says Manou, "Whereas 'Loving you' is far more personal: I had just gone through my first heartbreak". I guess this is the other side, the age old outlet of music creation serving as the perfect canvas to air grievances once more. With jangly guitar riffs, dashings of euphoric synth leads and an RnB vocal inspired delivery it really does have it all as sublime melodies melt in to one another in the most gorgeous of ways. The new single will be out on April 9th via Duly Noted. Take a listen for yourselves above.


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