Thursday 17 April 2014

Marika Hackman | Deep Green (Live at Toe Rag Studios)

Having been lucky enough to catch Marika during last year's Swn Festival (within the gorgeous acoustics of a church of all places) it's no bold claim to say the London based songwriter truly shines brightest in a live setting. The haunting and tangled nature of her often disconsolated lyrics hold a distinct aura that comes with her persona and something about seeing them recreated in front of your very own eyes is a wonderful sight to be seen. It's no surprise to find myself hitting replay after replay on this then. Recorded live at Toe Rag studios by Liam Watson and mixed at Rat Salad Studios by Rupert Lyddon Deep Green gets a vintage overhauled look whilst the tempo's upped through its rumbling reverberated percussion and dejected guitar strums.

Deep Green is taken from the 'Deaf Heat' EP which will be available now through Dirty Hit Records here. You can stream it in full below.


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