Monday 14 April 2014

Mat Hunsley | Au Contraire

From one Matt to another (although this one's minus a 't') Au Contraire serves to be as devastating of debut's as one could imagine. Ostensibly bare from its simplistic guitar strums, dig beneath the surface and you'll find yourself embodied in a warming swell of soulful emotion. As Hunsley's endearing vocals stop you in your tracks, through heartstring-tugging toil you can't help but fall for the rustic, homespun nature within as Mat's songwriting and lyricism leave no stone unturned in their ambitious drive forward. There's always been a fine line between good and bad folk music for me, but I think it's safe to say Mat falls wholeheartedly on the favourable, this latest effort only solidifying his name as an exciting talent to watch out for in 2014. Au Contraire will be released May 19th via up and coming label Trellis Records. You can stream it above now. 


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