Tuesday 1 April 2014

Rae Morris | Do You Even Know?

I'm sure anyone who runs a music blog will back me up on this but you really can't go taking days off. Not unless you want to come back to an inbox that resembles a low budget horror film (yep, the real scary ones). Finally making my way through what has felt like a deep excavation in to its murky depths I reach the latest single from Rae Morris. Already revelling in the success of well received 'Skin' back in January Rae returns with its brilliant follow up, looking set to be another whirlwind release. Having already supported Bombay Bicycle Club on their recent tour (which hopefully gives her music the recognition it so rightfully deserves) 2014 is sure to be her year as the anticipation for the debut album forever grows. This time sees woody synth notes take to the forefront as Rae's blissful vocals fill the spacial textures within. There's something eerily hypnotic about this. You can check out the poignant and starkly moving clip above now.

Rae had the following to say in regards to the video "I wanted people to be able to feel the discomfort and awkwardness of feeling misunderstood. I wanted people to see me as a mannequin shining on the outside but with the inside well hidden. The end of the video is my favourite part.  My figure, the static character, begins turning and spiralling out of control through a form of stop frame animation. At the end, the spiralling stops and I'm no longer in the chains of the statuesque stillness from before, but moving more freely and dancing.  To me, that symbolises an acceptance and shy confidence knowing that it doesn't really matter if people know you or not..."

'Do You Even Know?' will be released as a four track EP on 5th May 2014. You can pre-order it here.

Live Dates
April  28th – The Leadmill, Sheffield  
April 29th – Temple Room @ HMV Institute, Birmingham  
May  1st – Wilton Music Hall, London  
May  2nd – Liverpool Sound City, Liverpool  
May  3rd – Live at Leeds, Leeds  
May  5th – The Art Bar, Oxford  
May  7th – Open, Norwich  
May  8th – The Great Escape Festival, Brighton


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