Tuesday 15 April 2014

Y.O.U | Volvic

I can't actually remember when the last time was that I gained one of them uncontrollable smiles from listening to new music. You know the ones, from ear to ear that you just can't help. The ones that scream "hey you should probably avoid that guy he looks a bit crazy". So for this, I give thanks to Y.O.U for bringing it all back (even if it does mean no one will approach me if I chose to get my musical fix in public). Although having been around for a couple months already Volvic is my first taster of the Manchester based artist's work. And what better way for an introduction than through a bubbling mixture of swirling melodies and 80's inspired nostalgia. With luminously layered synths shimmering away amongst a candy-flossed array of feel-good rhythms Volvic might just be the best thing I've heard. Just wait for that second verse to blow you away. Man, this is what music discovery is all about! Enjoy it above.


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