Thursday 1 May 2014

Escapists | Blood

Just to clarify, whilst this may be my second post to revolve around blood this week, I'm most definitely not a Vampire. Yeah I stay up late, carry the same pale skin complexion and come alive at night but that's where the familiarities end I'm afraid, sorry to be the barer of bad news to any True Blood fanatics. On a brighter note London's Escapists make a welcomed return with their breezy new single which looks set to encapsulate everything we love about British guitar bands. More upbeat than their previous effort the band's latest outing showcases their jangly uplifting melodies and anthemic aspirations to the highest degree. Lead singer Simon Glancy describes the song "It's about the energy of staying-up all night and how bright-eyed optimism of the day to come can quickly evaporate into paranoia and disorientation". We think Blood has summer 2014 written all over it! You can download it from iTunes now with an official release set to follow on July 14 through Secret Dinosaur backed with previous single Breaking It Up.

Live Dates
03 - Hoxton Bar and Kitchen (London)  
09 - Euphonios and Badlife present @ The Great Escape (Brighton)  
10 - Earworm @ The Great Escape (Brighton)


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