Friday 9 May 2014

Introducing: Turks & Caicos

If my memory serves me correct, Chad Valley was one of the very first people I ever wrote about here. Back in the days before Soundcloud was the main go-to for music streaming I'd often send around emails asking (harassing) artists if they had any mp3's I could share on the site to my readers. Chad aka Hugo Manuel was more than accommodating firing over a whole zip folder of silky smooth treats and the rest is pretty much history. Since then, the Oxfordshire native's gone on to have 2 killer albums and work indefatigably under his pseudonym Jonquil to equal success. Now he's back with a fresh side-project entitled Turks & Caicos which sees him take on an almost instrumental groove in this new minimalistic light. It's still very much Chad Valley in parts with exotic percussion and swirling synth sections yet this is more 'poolside' 'smoking jacket attire' with its relaxed 80's Pop vibe. Check out my favourite cut 'Nice 'n' Slow' above. A further 5 tracks can be streamed over on Soundcloud right now:  

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