Wednesday 28 May 2014

Phoria | Undone

With the ability to clasp your innermost feelings with the tightest of grips, not letting go 'til every last breath of emotion is fleeced, Phoria once more enter a whole new world of depth in their latest single, Undone. Returning with news of their forthcoming 'Display' EP set for release in June through X Novo and the stream of Emanate last month, the Brighton based quintet furthermore showcase their refined art in minimalistic endearment. With sliced vocal samples sending a chilling reprise through its backbone Undone sends rippling waves of fervour throughout as its glacial tones break off in to its ocean of sound set to cause mass destruction. Immerse yourself above. You can Pre-order the EP from iTunes here - Released June 16th.

Live Dates
St Pancras Church, London - June 16th - Info.


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