Thursday 8 May 2014

Rhodes | Morning

It would seem each time Rhodes shares a new song I'm consistently blown away but the sheer, unmitigated talent that one person can possess. Stripping the new single down to its bare bones we get to hear his delicate and quite often falsetto-esque vocal abilities in their rawest of forms as flutters of guitars begin to trickle in to set the mood. Building in to a subtle crescendo through the addition of fervorous percussion you're quickly raised to dizzying heights before it fades in to nothing leaving you to float back to the ground at your own descending pace. With the EP set to feature 3 original tracks produced by Ian Grimble (Daughter) and Tim Bran/Roy Kerr (London Grammar) it's safe to say Rhodes is back, and back in a big way! The 'Morning’ EP will be available from May 11th on his own Rhodes Music imprint.


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