Friday 9 May 2014

Saint Raymond | Ghosts

Presuming every man and his dog's down in Brighton for The Great Escape I was feeling pretty glum being stick in on a Friday nursing my aching jaw (over-exaggerating an earlier trip to the dentist for a filling. Sympathy notes on a postcard please). That was until Saint Raymond rather unexpectedly shared the audio to the title track from his forthcoming 'Ghosts' EP due next week. Probably his most Pop-inspired effort yet the buoyancy within Raymond's music reaches an all time high with super attentive carefree melodies and break-neck rhythms. Built upon the solid foundations of feel good Pop Callum Burrows has a sure fire method for crafting intoxicating sublimity within his music and Ghosts only cements the image within his drive for success. Something I no doubt is just around the corner. Take a listen above now.

The Ghosts EP will be released May 12th, available for Pre-Order here.


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