Wednesday 11 June 2014

Fractures | Won't Win

Having been well over a year since I last featured Fractures on the blog it's a welcoming sight to see the Australian producer return. A chance encounter through browsing my Google Reader (rip) back in March '13 I was left infatuated by the Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist. Something that I sadly almost nearly all but forgot. And that's the thing with running a blog. Whilst the (majority of) people who read my posts here are casual music lovers, I feel I have a lot less time to appreciate the songs I write about as I race to keep up with the never ending emails and recommendations. Thankfully my memory's more than refreshed here though as Mark Zito's falsetto cries down over the track's fluttering percussion. Whilst an emotionally swirling cauldron of synths bubble away Won't Win solidifies my impressions of the young artist as one of the more promising acts to emerge in recent times. With an EP on the way it looks like we have plenty more to look forward to. Won't Win is taken from the forthcoming debut EP, out July 4. You can Pre-Order it here: Take a listen above.


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