Tuesday 3 June 2014

The Ting Tings | Wrong Club

Remember The Ting Tings? Whilst they've been away the past few years the Manchester based duo have been hard at work on their follow up to 2012's Sounds From Nowheresville. Here we get a strong taste of what's to come as the duo unleash their first single to be lifted from the new record in the form of Wrong Club. Released on June 28th the band's latest outing seems to be filled with a disco tinged vibe as funky guitars efforltessly glide beneath Katie White's sweet vocals. "[It's] About feeling like you don't fit in - finding someone you can leave with - finding someone like you - finding someone who likes you - even if you can't dance like the rest"  "It’s a dark take on a good time.. Finding your place on the dance floor.. or shunning the stereotypes around you because they can't see your vision regardless how wrong or right". Take a listen above. You can Pre-Order Wrong Club now from iTunes.


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