Wednesday 16 July 2014

Apes | Pull The Trigger

Even with 4 and half thousand miles between us, Australian music still seems to find its relevant place on the site time and time again, and rightly so, when it's this good I can't ever see that changing. Already causing quite the storm in their native hometown, APES make the giant leap over to British soil with their new single Pull The Trigger. Packed full of exuberant vocal hooks and jangly basslines the Ballarat, Victoria based four-piece hit hard with their sunshine coated harmonies and infectious as hell guitar riffs, proving to be another prime example of what musical craftsmanship's all about. With splashes of aspirant, pulsating melodies and vibrant percussion APES excel in all the right places, think a Circa Waves-The Strokes hybrid.. Listen above for yourselves. We can't wait to hear more!


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