Thursday 10 July 2014

Broncho | Class Historian

As a continual stream of music populates our computers, iPods and vinyl collections (yep some of us still prefer that tangible acetate format), standing out from the crowd has become ever difficult. Broncho seem to have things dialled though returning with their new single Class Historian. With a unique, catchy as hell vocal hook, the Oklahoma based trio craft from their diy foundations one of the most care-free summer tracks I've heard in recent months. Channelling a fuzzy, garage-esque sound not too dissimilar from early Julian Casablancas records with The Strokes the band have truly hit the nail on the head with their fluorescent melodies glazed in a transcendent charm. Having signed to Dine Alone Records, Class Historian forms the first single to be taken from their forthcoming album 'Just Enough Hip To Be Woman', set for release Sept 16th. Listen above now.


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