Tuesday 8 July 2014

Fantastic Fantastic | Never Enough

So what's more fantastic than one? Well, two of course, duhhh. At least that's the case here anyway. Through a scintillating backdrop of silk smooth synths propelling the tracks gleaming vocals to the forefront Fantastic Fantastic make for an exceptional return in to the musical world. Sounding as if they've been locked away since the 80's the sunshine pair become unleashed in to this foreign world where the only thing they know how to do is create their delectable blend of retro-inspired Pop. Tip-toeing their way along the line of nonconformity, duo Micke & Kris mix gracious vocal harmonies with bubbling basslines and swirling melodies to gorgeous effect. It would seem they've really found their feet here and I for one can't wait to hear what else they conjure up! Take a listen to "Never Enough" above.


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