Tuesday 15 July 2014

Free Download: Racing Glaciers | VHS

With a song entitled VHS, you'd expect things to be a little more analogue orientated, and that's pretty much the case here. Having already treated us to 2 exceptional EP's the band's sound is pretty synonymous with this as raw and obliterating guitars stand at the forefront of everything they do, here being a case in point. Detailing this blisteringly powerful live sound in perfect note for note form, Racing Glaciers manage to capture their essence in gorgeous relativity as they return with an enthralling free download of their latest single, VHS. Written on tour & self-produced the Macclesfield 5-piece excel themselves once more as we get a further insight in to their stadium rocking production qualities as Tim Monaghan's vocals slice through anthemic guitar breakdowns and breakneck percussion of the finest degree. Stream it above and head on over to their MusicGlue page to get your hands on it:

The band's 3rd EP will be released on the 18th of August (pre-order here).


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