Monday 21 July 2014

Video: ATTU | We Are Ordinary People

I've got to be honest, videos aren't really my thing. When I get sent them over I'm normally busy doing other stuff and end up on another tab looking at something completely unrelated, the song playing in the background (completely forgetting I'm supposed to be looking at the video). Something about ATTU's latest offering though had me transfixed. Maybe I just enjoy people watching far too much but something kept me hooked. Check out the self produced, low budget clip above serving as the perfect accompaniment to the band's single. We Are Ordinary People is taken from the forthcoming debut EP due out September 1st.

EP Tracklist
01 Don’t Sleep
02 Digital
03 Hibernate
04 We Are Ordinary People

You can Pre-Order it in digital and physical formats from here.

ATTU are: Stefan Antoinette (guitar/vocals), Michelle Antoinette (bass/vocals/synths), Chike Newman (samples/vocals) and Timothy Earl (guitar/synths).


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