Tuesday 12 August 2014

Dolomite Minor | Talk Like An Aztec

Tuesday's are funny old days. They're not quite Monday's but they are probably more hateable. Nothing much goes on. The weekend's still a million miles away. And to top it all off, you feel about as energetic as a slug in a bowl of salt. Thankfully Southampton duo Dolomite Minor are on hand to shake things up with their latest single 'Talk Like An Aztec'. Filled with darkly tinged riffs and pulsating basslines the band unleash an earth shattering force that's sure to turn heads, their psychedelic drive only propelling them forwards at light warping speeds. You can stream their new video above, the single will be released September 22nd on limited edition 7" vinyl. Pre-Order's are available here.

Live Dates
August 21st London - The Garage
August 22nd Leeds Festival (Festival Republic Stage)
August 24th Reading Festival (Festival Republic Stage)
November 13th London - The Black Heart
November 14th Brighton - Sticky Mikes
November 15th Southampton - Joiners (Club NME)


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