Thursday 28 August 2014

Fiancé | Ivy

All set to unleash their debut extended player 'EP1' on October 7th in the UK, Newark Delaware natives Fiancé share their blissfully woozy new single, Ivy. Shining with the kind of resplendent glimmer that's projected bands such as Wild Nothing and Beach Fossils to the forefront of this dreamy shoegazed scene, the band manage to craft a jubilant layering of jazzy guitars and shimmering melodies, Andrew Fusca's hazy vocals weaved dreamily between the space of its skippy percussion and oscillating basslines. With an adept ability for sending home an unrivalled urgency through their aspirant driven nature, the band look to build on their already bubbling success in fine style, the replay button no doubt getting a hammering here.

Fiancé - 'EP1' Track List:  1. Era (Stream)  2. July  3. Climb The Stairs  4. Ivy (Stream)  5. Another Year

Stream Ivy above now. The EP will be released 7th October 2014 through SQE Music.


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