Wednesday 20 August 2014

Seafret | Explosion

Quite possibly laying claim to one of the greatest debut's this year with their engaging and quite frankly heartrending single 'Give Me Something', Bridlington duo Seafret return with their second offering, Explosion. Less expansive than its predecessor the pair's latest effort demonstrates a more urgent drive forwards as we become propelled onwards over its skippy percussion and playful melodies. "Love is more like a loaded gun than a safety net to fall back on" cries Jack Sedman. Whilst not as delicate as Give Me Something it would seem the pair's lovelorn and disconsolate lyrics are still fuelled with the emotion and pain we've become accustomed to, so expertly crafted in to the sound we hear before us. Listen above.

Explosion is taken from the Seafrets's debut EP set for release September 21st through Sweet Jane Recordings.


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