Monday 25 August 2014


Encased in a drone of electronic haze, Nashville trio TWICEYOUNG make for an enigmatic entrance to our pages here, their fantastically rousing single Uncover ticking all the right boxes. With a soulful blend of glazed vocals and darkly tinged melodies the US three-piece offer up an immersive and intricate display of their unique sound, forging together a whole host of musical genres to form their own take producing something of ethereal beauty. Continually evolving through its slow burning desires Uncover's glitchy mid section and scintillating breakdowns are more than enough to draw us deeper and deeper in to a spellbinding asphyxiation, swamped by its depths. The band's forthcoming second EP 'Prefer You' is due out November 11th. Listen above to its first cut now.


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