Thursday 7 August 2014

VITAMIN | To Believe

At first I thought I'd lost the spark for writing about music. Yesterday was the first full day I haven't blogged anything in over a year. A full day and absolutely nothing. With an inbox filled to bursting point with PR's and managers sending 4, sometimes 5 follow up emails asking me to listen to their songs and enough obscure dubstep remixes to last a lifetime, it's got to the point where I can't even stomach opening gmail. Okay maybe that's a slight over exaggeration but there really hasn't been anything to pique my interest's enough to provoke a post. That was until I came across Vitamin's latest single, To Believe. Following on from their effervescent and rather moody previous effort, Need Air, the Indie-Pop quartet return with another jangly concoction of upbeat melodies and rhythmic shifts that are almost guaranteed to kick start your summer. Built upon the solid foundations of feel good hooks and infectious choruses it would seem the band are becoming pretty renown for crafting exhilarating sublimity within their music and here's no different. Take a listen for yourselves above.


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