Wednesday 3 September 2014

Lectures | Talking In A Vacuum

Okay, so Lectures may just be one of my favourite new music discoveries this year. Not meant in a literal sense though, because let's face it, no one really likes lectures. At least I didn't when I was at Uni and had electronics 9am first thing on a Monday. The Tunbridge Wells based quartet are far from an early morning slog though, their enigmatic sound expanding light-years ahead of them. As the slow burning nature rooted deep within their softly struck piano led intro becomes weaved amongst its electronic percussion you're quickly thrown in to one of the most gorgeously rising crescendo's I've heard in recent times. Raising you to vertigo inducing heights before floating you back down to earth on a turbulent bass heavy descent, Talking In A Vacuum leaves no stone unturned with its blistering force. Take a listen to the self-produced single above.

Lectures are: Jacob Norris, Jake Card, Liam Evans and Elliot Noble


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