Thursday 25 September 2014

RHEYA | Alone on the rope

First to be picked for the team. First to win the race. First to wear the freshest new shoes. First to comment. First to post about an artist. The need for being first has evolved over the years, and blogging's no different. Whilst you've always had the 'tastemakers' breaking news, in recent times, as the number of blogs increase so does the need for challenge, all in the name of being first. Sometimes it's nice to take a backseat. Time to reflect and remind ourselves (or at least in my case anyway) why I even started this blog. It wasn't to be first. Or to take on any of these big sites who have a whole team of writers behind them. At the end of the day, I'm just one guy. I started Scientists of Sound in order to share music I like, as simple as that. And here's one of those very tracks. A random discovery whilst browsing Soundcloud. I don't know too much about Rheya. Hell I don't know anything at all except they (him/her/machine) reside in Sweden and make some of the sleekest minimalistic synth work I've heard. Drowned in sea of swirling pads Alone On The Rope reflects the kind of Nordic scenery we often associate with Scandinavia as thumping electronic percussion throbs beneath its hazy lead vocals. Lose yourself above and below.

Rheya currently have a free 3-track EP available to download from their Bandcamp here. Whether we'll hear form them again, we can only hope.


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