Friday 3 October 2014

Alex Burey | Unspoken

At just 19 years old, it's quite hard to comprehend the amount of soul and passion Alex Burey delivers on his debut single, Unspoken. With a plethora of musical influence - ranging from Aphex Twin to Shuggie Otis and Pink Floyd to Outkast, Burey has crafted his sound from the ground up to bring us this gorgeously tender offering. Growing up amongst the UK's grime music explosion Alex recalls "Loads of people in the area were MCs but no one was making the music," self teaching himself production techniques he became the go-to guy for recording and producing in the local scene. "All these 17-year-old MCs, rowdy guys, would come around to the house" he explains. And whilst this new direction is a million miles away from grime, the same sensibilities remain ever prominent as he breaks away from the crowd to form his own unique sound. Indulge yourself above as his soulful croon eases you in to the weekend. His self-released 4-track EP and debut live shows will be announced later in the year.


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