Wednesday 22 October 2014

Chløë Black | 27 Club

Whilst I'm a big time sucker for pop music, it takes a certain class to pull off the right angle in being timeless. As a whole there's a very short shelf-life of enjoyment for many radio rotated singles. You've only got to take Pharrell's 'Happy' as a case in point. Okay, great the first time but play it once more now and I might just explode with rage. Chløë Black almost certainly falls in to the timeless bracket. Her sultry vocal aesthetic being something that needs to be heard to be truly appreciated. I won't make the obvious tonality comparisons because let's face it, everyone deserves to shine on their own, yet even if I did Black wholeheartedly excels. Dark subject matter aside, 27 Club is a perfect ode to remembering the sad loss of such great talent, all at 27 years of age. With her smoky alluring voice and its high strung piano led rhythm, as far as debut's go, this might just be one of the strongest I've heard. Listen above. Hopefully the wait won't be too long before we can indulge some more.


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