Tuesday 14 October 2014

Paperwhite | Pieces

So who'll be so kind to explain where all the good music's been hiding? I've literally gone from typing hundred-mile-an-hour posts, cramming them in before bed, to having nothing to write about all day, and it feels pretty damn weird. Thankfully my favourite synth-pop duo are on hand to cure me of this newly found boredom returning with something well worth talking about. Since first piquing my interests with their debut Got Me Goin back in January the pair have gone on to release hit after hit, each one building on its previous successes in fine style. Here's no different either as Paperwhite look set to excel once more on a cloud of airy rhythms and bubbling synth-pop melodies, all neatly weaved together in their signature uplifting sound. "Pieces describes the trance and magnetism of love at first sight" explains Katie. "While it questions if they're the one, it's backed with an energizing spirit and hopefulnes that they are. It makes me want to dance, move and forever stay in love". Take a listen above.

Pieces is taken from the newly announced debut EP, "Magic" due out November 17 through Duly Noted Records. American fans can catch the pair playing the following dates below:

October 21 - Balcony TV CMJ Show - Marlin Rooms, NYC (Tickets)
November 5 - Panama Wedding Support - Rough Trade NYC (Tickets)



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