Thursday 9 October 2014

Prom | Switch On

Ahh the school prom. A celebration that's now bigger than your birthday. One that's seen many families float on the brink of bankruptcy as they try to keep up with their bratty children's demands, all in the name of outdoing their friend's in the stylish race to arrive most flamboyantly. I can't say I'm won over. But what I am won over by is the Brooklyn duo who share the same name. Returning with their latest single, Switch On, the pair blend heavenly vocals with glacial synths in the most wonderful of ways. Cultivating their own take on 'dream-pop' with infectious hooks and ambitious percussion that lifts the track to dizzying heights, Prom are truly on to something great here. Take a listen above. Their debut EP "Keeping Company" is available from October 14th.


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